Cherished Memories Casting Collection

Yes!  We do 3D Hand and Feet  Casting

           We can make 3D cast for

           just one or the whole family


How It Works

  • Make an Appointment

      (plan to spend only 25 to 30 minutes) 

  • During your appointment we will make a mold of your hand.  This process only takes about 30-60 seconds to set.

  • We then complete the rest of the process after your appointment.  It takes several days of casting, drying and delicate detailing.

  • Your 3D Keepsake will be ready in about 14 days.  We will send you a text when ready for pick-up :)

Let us help you create a Cherished Keepsake
Our 3D Keepsake Casting are so detailed, it even captures those precious fingerprints.

By Appointment only


9715 Crosshill Blvd, 101 ~ Jacksonville, FL  32222

~~~next to The Home Depot in the Oakleaf Town Center~~~

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