Paint On Pottery


Pick  Your Piece


You  Paint   It


We  then Glaze &  Fire your piece

It will be ready for pick up in 7 days

It's  Just  That  Easy



Glass Fusing


Cut  Glass, 

Use Precut Pieces

or a Precut Kit

2  Glue  In  Place

It's Just That Easy


Your piece will be ready in about  7 days to pick up

3  We  Fire  It

We have idea books, stencils, dot & circle makers, stamps, sponges, even silkscreen designs.


And there is always someone available to help you with your design.

We have a wide selection of bisque

from FUN to Functional


Figurines, Mugs, Platters, Plates, Bowls, Banks, Letters, Vases, Tiles, Teapots, Ornaments, and much, much more.  We truly have something for everyone.

9715 Crosshill Blvd, 101 ~ Jacksonville, FL  32222

~~~next to The Home Depot in the Oakleaf Town Center~~~

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