Picking Up

Be Sure We are Open before you come :)

Pick Up Hours:

    Monday      12---6pm

    Tuesday       CLOSED

    Wednesday 12---7pm

    Thursday     12---7pm

    Friday         10---7pm

    Saturday     10---7pm

    Sunday        1---4pm

We do close up to 1 hour early from our Studio Hours when we have no painters.  So it is best to come during our Pick up Hours.

Holidays: Be sure to check our home page for early closing notes

We can only hold items up to 6 month.  After 6 months they are discarded :(

Pottery Info

Here is some info to keep in mind for caring your pottery

  • Your item is Food Safe

  • Your item will have stilt marks on the bottom.  This is where we stilt it to keep it from sticking to the kiln shelf.  These are either small pricks, bumps, or bare spots and is normal in our firing process.

  • Hand wash only - we do not recommend using a dishwasher

  • We do not recommend soaking, the stilt marks on the bottom will allow water to seep into the bare bisque and could discolor & cause cracking of glaze.

  • Not Microwave, Oven or Stove Top safe.  We do not recommend introducing to a sudden temperature change or flame.  Some Items are made as a luminair and a small candle may be used inside.

  • And of course pottery is breakable and could chip, crack or shiver when not cared for properly.

9715 Crosshill Blvd, 101 ~ Jacksonville, FL  32222

~~~next to The Home Depot in the Oakleaf Town Center~~~

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