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Pineapple Dish
9.25" x5"
Pineapple Lantern
7" x 4"

Ladies Night Workshop

April 24th at 6:30pm

Pineapple Lantern or Dish

The Pineapple Symbolizes

🍍 A Welcoming Home 🍍

We have two adorable pineapple pieces

that are wonderfully functional. 

The Pineapple Dish can be used for so many things. 

Hors d'oeuvres, Sweets, Keys, Change, Mail,

whatever you want!

or choose

The Pineapple Lantern that brightens any spot

as it lights up with a candle. 

It also has a well in the top for scented wax melts.

You will also get a scented wax melt with this lantern

We will walk you through this

fun painting technique with simple step by step directions. 

Choose your own color combo if you wish :)

 Pineapple Snacks, Sweets & Sips are also included

Pineapple Lantern  $32

Pineapple Dish     $26

Book a Spot Before They Disappear !

9715 Crosshill Blvd, 101 ~ Jacksonville, FL  32222

~~~next to The Home Depot in the Oakleaf Town Center~~~

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