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Store Policies

Firing & Pick up  
Firing takes up to 10 days
We will send you text when items are ready for pick up,
this text will give you our current pick up hours with any closing dates applicable.

If you do not hear from us by 10 days, please give us a call  (904) 638-6692
Larger items & items we add detail to may take longer.
During Holidays and times a couple times a year we are out of town and it will also take a bit longer. 
We do our absolute best to have all items
fired and ready for pick up as sooon as possible !


(newly updated 4/11/24)
items ARE discarded if not pick up with in 4 months of being fired.
Christmas Pre-Orders please see Pre-Order section below
We do everything we can to make contact with the number we are given. 
We do ask for mobile numbers for this reason!
We send multiple text messages, we will make calls and leave voice messages when voice mail is available.  But unfortunately we can not hold items longer than 4 months. 
Remember if you have not heard from us, give us a call at 904-638-6692
and leave a message if we do not answer.

Firing Issues
Fracture - This is a thin long crack but item is still intact. 
Shivering - This is where the glaze flakes of in shards after firing.

Outgassing - Bubbles occur in the overglaze when fired
Shearing  - This is when an item unexplainable breaks in 2 -3 pieces during firing.
Crawling- This is the glaze moving away in small areas from the bisque showing the bare bisque.
Crazing - thermal expansion of  glaze does not match that of the clay body

Fusing - Item touches another item during firing
Dipping Drips & Hazing - milky white drips or hazy areas from overglaze that occur during firing
Foreign Elements - this is where anything is used on item not studio approved
Oolites - crystalized formations of glaze that are hard chunks
Carbon Burnout - when heavy pencil marks burn out leaving a crevasse in glaze
Some are issues with the pottery that can not be seen until firing.

Some are issues that happen due to painting to thick or allowing paint to drip or puddle.
Some issues we can be fix with a 2nd firing and some can not.

Issues that we have caused or was an unforeseen pottery issue are covered in our

"We'll Make It Right Policy"

You will have a choice to keep the item you painted
& receive a "Come Back Again" in-store credit

(amount depends upon the severity and location of the issue)
You can choose leave the item with us and get a full in-store credit + an extra credit, then you can
choose to paint a replacement item or choose to use your credit toward something else in-studio.

Issues not covered by this policy
Crawling due to painting to thick, dripping or puddling.
Oolite or dry chunks of glaze left on pottery while painting
Hazing or Streaking from Dark Colors used in large areas,

Use of foreign elements cause Carbon burnout ( pencil being used to heavily)
Shivering due to handling pottery with oily hands
and when customer has used fleckle colors, that float out to other areas
on the item while we are dipping them.
Other issues such as misuse in cleaning and use
(Items are not recommended for Microwave, Dishwasher, Stovetop or Oven
& should never be left in water to soak)

Hand Wash Without Soaking entire item ONLY!

Birthday Party or Private Event Deposits
If you cancel you event at least 14 days before your event date, we will refund your deposit less a 3% credit processing fee we can not recover or you can choose to keep your credit as an in-studio credit.
No Refund or In-studio Credit for no-shows or late cancelations.
Call 904-638-6692 to cancel

Workshop & Special Events
All Workshops or Special Events can be booked online or in-studio. 
You must have your spot booked to attend any Event Night
We sell out quickly, so Book your spot Fast

If you cancel your spot at an event
at least 5 days before your event date,
we can give a refund less a 3% processing fee that we can not recover
or you can choose to keep the full amount as an in-studio credit.
Call 904-638-6692 to cancel 
(this does not apply to Christmas Pre-Orders)

No Refund or In-Store Credit for late cancelations or no-shows, we will hold
the item for you to paint next time you are in, however we do not 
 do a personal walk though of the project.  Neither do we have walk though sheets anymore.

No Items can be exchanged for another item.
We can only hold the item for 4 months before it is discarded

Those constantly not showing up for events, we ask you not to keep booking them.

Christmas Pre-Orders
Once we receive your order, Items should arrive within 1 to 2 weeks.
We will send you a text when your item has arrived and is ready to paint.
You may cancel your order up to 7 days after the date order was placed
and get a refund less a 3% credit processing fee which we can not recover
or you can choose to keep the full amount as in-studio credit.
Call 904-638-6692 to cancel

After 7 days items are put in Holding with your name marked on the item
After that point we can not do refunds or in-store credit since your name is on that item.

You have until January  31st to pick up or paint your item.
Orders not picked up by 1/31  will be discarded.
Although, after an item is painted and fired, you will have 4 months to pick up.
But orders not painted will be discarded by 1/31  We do not have storage available.
Again, no refund or in-store credit can be given for order after 7 days have passed.

Don't Have Enough Time to Finish?
There is never a reason to be rushed! 
We prefer you take you time to finish painting your items. 
When you try to rush to finish this is when accidents and mistakes happen. 
If you feel you can not finish an item, stop painting 10 min before you need to leave.
This will give your item enough time to dry, so we can bag it for you to take home.  
You then can come back anytime during our regular hours to finish painting your items at no extra cost. There are no studio fees :)  You can not leave unfinished items at the studio,

ALL items left at the studio will be fired!

Eyes, Eyelashes & Smile
We can Help with Eyes, Eyelashes & Smiles on your figurine. 
Just be sure to mention it to us when you check out and leave the item on our desk. 
We will do a black dot for the eye (pupil only)
You will need to paint the color of the eye if you wish.
We can paint Eyelashes in black, like our sample on our desk.
We can paint a smile depending on the item.  We paint a black smile, not lips.
We do not suggest smiles on tiny faces, they just don't look right.
Most of the time we will add these details the following day, when item has sufficiently dried.

Military Discount
Thank you for your Service
We have a Military discount on

Monday's & Wednesday's.
Just let us know you are in the Military,
show us your military card ID card and you will receive a discount.

Birthday Tile
We love Birthdays!
If you come to paint 7 days before or after your birthday,
let us know and you will get a free 4x4 tile to paint (with any purchase)
You just need to ask for a Birthday Tile :)
A lot of people as about the handprints on our wall.
This is something special that is only included in our Birthday Party Packages.

We Want To Help
Pottery Painting can be a little daunting at first. 
There is quite a bit we tell you as we explain our colors.  We do go over the most important basics, because we really do want you to succeed in your finished item turning out as you visualized it. 

We are there for you !!! 
These colors are glass glazes which work Very Differently than other types of paint.
That is why we always go over the color information before you get started painting.

If we see something that would better help
with your painting endeavor, we do give suggestions. 

Please don't take it like your not doing a good job or
that your doing something wrong.   We Are NOT Art Snobs !  :P

Pleases ask us anything!  We can give you advice and show you techniques.
 While this is your painting experience, we can not paint it for you though.

If you are new to Pottery Glazes, be patient,
don't try to be a Picasso on your first attempt.
It may take painting several items and seeing how they turn out,
to fully understand the nuances of how the Pottery Glaze works.

DO ASK FOR ASSISTANCE before you do anything based on assumption.
i.e.  If you make a mistake, PLEASE ASK before you paint over a mistake or wipe anything with a rag or towel.  We have experience to know the best way to fix a mistake and know what can happen if you paint over or wipe a mistake.

If you see a sample or see something online you want to attempt, just ask.
We can show you the best way to try to it.  Although some of our sample pieces are from workshops which require other tools we do not use during our regular studio time.

Earbud Policy & Mobile Device 
While we know everyone has that song or group they love to listen to,
we have background music we have chosen to play
for a family friendly relaxed 
environment for everyone to enjoy.   
We kindly ask you use earbuds or headphones when
you just have to have your tunes to paint.  We totally get it :)

For our little ones, we understand the need to help keep your
little one from loosing their cool and mobile videos fit that bill.
We do ask you keep the volume way down so our other
customers can relax and enjoy their time in our studio without having to hear it.

Food & Drink Policy
We sure cant have any starving artists around, so we welcome you to
bring in 
foods and non-alcoholic drinks.   
Yes even if you want a pizza delivered, NO Problem :)

At the sales desk we have
Bottled Water $1   ~  Sodas $1 and sometimes we have snacks
Remember to keep your hands washed while painting
if you have oily foods.

Language Policy
We pride ourselves in having a Family Friendly Environment!
So we please ask you do not use foul language, vulgar conversations and
conversations others just don't need to hear.
We also do not appreciate vulgar/foul language or images painted on your pottery
Yes, it is yours to paint as you wish, but we do not want our staff to be subjected 
to this while we finalize the pottery process.

Dress Policy

While we want you to be comfortable while painting. 

We will not allow those in bathing suits or other clotheing that leaves nothing to the imagination.   

This is a Family Friendy Space, Not a Bedroom.

Those not dressed appropriate will be asked to leave.

Fused Items
Fusing is where 2 items are placed together before firing to become 1 item. 
We can only fuse an item to a FLAT Horizonal surface.  The item must sit completely upright.  
There is always a chance the item may move out of place during firing. 
We can not guarantee items will fuse together in a specific place.
You will be taking a chance.  Although, we do not see a lot of movement but it can happen.

We do not recommend small items to be fused in items used for food or drink. 
This can cause a bacteria build up in crevices that can not be reached for good washing. 
Items fused on plates or platters for use with dry foods (ie..cheese & crackers) should be fine
as long as it is cleaned by hand and not soaked.

We do not do pottery repairs of any sort.  For breaks we suggest an adhesive product called E6000.
That can be purchased at Home Depot or Walmart.  For small chips, we suggest you find a nail polish in the color you need to color over the chip.  These are not food safe though! 

We also do not know of anyone in the Jacksonville area that does pottery repair.

Outside Pottery & Paint
We can not fire any pottery or clay you purchased or made outside of our studio. 

The reason for this is that our kilns are calibrated for a specific type of pottery/clay.  As well there is no way of telling what clay the item you have was made from.  Most items purchased online and in craft stores are plaster or contains plaster or other materials that will melt down if fired.
We will not fire any item (even items purchased from us)  that have been painted, sprayed, glued, or drawn on with anything we did not provide.  This is due to melt down, fire or fumes that can occur during a kiln firing of
anything that is not kiln safe to the Cone we fire to.
We DO NOT not take any chance of an item that can damage our kilns, studio, or other customer items.

Colors To Go
We no longer can offer To-Go-Colors for purchase.   
Our suppliers have told us we can no longer repackage ceramic glazes for this purpose.
They did let us for a short time during COVID-19, but have tightened the reigns now.
This is due to legal labeling of packaged chemicals.  Even though our glazes are non-toxic,
legally, they still must have specific labeling by the manufacture.


Workshop & Special Events
Firing & Pick Up
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