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Field Trip & Camp Items

You will choose your Field Trip or Camp project.

This includes everything needed to complete the project.  Items, Colors, Brushes and Firing.

We have lots of items your kids will LOVE !!!!

Field Trips or Camps Projects

Shaped Dishes $16-$19 We have different shaped dishes. Kids can paint anyway they want. Just ask if your interested in a particular shape you may be interested in.

Mini Figurines

Mini Figurines $13 We bring 20-23 different shapes of our minis for kids to choose from. These are great for the little guys, but older kids do love these to and get real creative with details.

Hanging Squares or Circles 4" $12 These are great all year long. Kids love to hang these in their room. Simple plaques for any message or design. But sure make great Christmas projects too.

Party Figurines

Party Figurines $17 We bring about 15-20 different shapes for kids to choose from. This items are on average 4-5.5".

Party Pal Plates

Party Pal Plates $16 We bring 2-3 different shapes for kids to choose from. These plates are can be painted into any animal or monster they choose.

10 oz Cups

Finger Print Flower Cup $16 per painter Great for Mothers Day or even Grandparent gifts

Fun Hanging Plaque $18 This huge 8.25" x 5.25" plaque is a nice size for any message or design.

Color Wash Hand Print Plate $16 per painter We can add "Happy Mothers Day" or First Name if you wish :)

Under the Sea Bubble Bowl Project. $16 per painter Our favorite because who doesn't like to blow bubbles

4x4 Tiles $12 or 6x6 Tiles $14 Each painter will get a tile to paint as they wish - these are great canvases for kids to be creative on.

14" Banner Plaque $16 Our Banner Plaque is a super fun item to paint. Kids with long names have plenty of room to paint their name if they choose to.

If there is a specific item or project you want to do, just ask! 

We can adapt most projects to your needs.

Give us a Call To Set Up Your
Field Trip or Camp    904-638-6692

Please leave a message if we miss your call.

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