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Best Birthday Party Ever

Birthday Party Details


Call Us to book you event (904) 638-6692.   Our calendar fills up fast,

so book as soon as you know the date you want.

Booking Deposit is $30 This will hold your spot and is 

applied to your party package on party day.

Deposit is refundable if you cancel 7 days prior to event.

Non-Painters attending the party

Basic party pkg & Premium Birthday pkgs will get 4 Free non-painters

This is anyone staying during the party that is not painting an item of their own 

After your first 4 free non-painter, each additional non-painter will be $10 each

Private Birthday Packages  will get 6 Free non-painters

This is anyone staying during the party that is not painting an item of their own 

After your first 6 free non-painter, each additional non-painter will be $10 each


Call us at


to Book Your Party


Birthday Party Package Items

Each painter will get to choose 1 item from our Party Section (samples on the left), these are items up to a $19 value.  Items change from week to week, but there is always something fun for every painter to choose.  We usually have a minimum of 20 different items to choose from. 

Keepsake Birthday Plate

You get 1 Custom Keepsake plate

for the Birthday Honoree.  We will get

handprint their then get fingerprints 

from guest painters + mom & dad.

After the party we customize the plate

with names & the honoree's

theme choice for the fingerprints design.



We want your party to be as easy on you as possible, so we have provided everything you may need.

We got you covered on Party plates, cups, napkins and utensils, even the party décor

Feel free to bring gifts & goodies.  Relax and have a good time.

Party Itinerary

As guest arrive we help them get a seat then pick out their item.  

After all guest have picked their item out we will explain how colors work and painting begins.

While kids are painting we will get hand print and finger prints for keepsake plate.

When guest finish painting we will move their items to drying rack and wipe down tables.

Kids usually spend about 1 hour painting.  

Then Its time for Gifts & Goodies

After that we will get the Birthday Boy or Girl to handprint the wall.

And then Leave All The Clean Up To US :)

Other Party Details:

*** Items chosen out of party package will just be adjusted on final price.

*** We will have everything needed to paint on the tables for the painters.

*** We use Special Color Pots for parties.  There will be 10-12 colors to use that all work together nicely.

*** We paint the face details (eyes, mouth & nose) in black for painters after party. 

*** We fire all items which take about 7-10 days.  Items will become bright, glossy & food safe.

*** Items are then bagged individually with the painters name on the bag and their $5 coupon inside.

*** We box/bag up everyone's bags together for Party Host to pick up. 

     These can not be picked up by guest individually

*** You will receive a Text when ready for pick-up.

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