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Pottery TO-GO painting instructions


Wash hands before touching pottery.  This will prevent lotions, oils & dirt from creating a barrier between the Pottery and Glaze that cause problems with firing.

Save the bag your items came in - you will need them later :)

Pour out a small amount of paint on foil, paper plate or small dish (it will wash out) you can always pour more! Pouring to much could result in glaze drying out before using it. Glazes are non-toxic and wash out easily with water.


Paint Lighter colors FIRST for background & larger areas (ANY UNPAINTED AREA will be Bright White & Glossy :) 

THEN use darker colors for small areas and designs. 

If light colors are painted over darker colors those darker colors will show through unevenly when fired.

Paint each color 3coats to achieve a Solid Even coverage.  If you apply less, color will not fire to a solid even color.   Allow paint to dry between coats :)

Don’t Drip or Puddle Paint, It will crack when item is fired.


Glazes are pale and chalky as they dry and look even.  Don’t let this fool you, it will look solid and even today, but 3 coats must be applied for that solid even color when fired.


If you make a mistake,  Do Not Wipe or Add Water it will just smear your color further into the bisque.  Don’t Paint over with a lighter color, Darker colors will still show thru when fired                        

Let it area dry and scrape color off with a butter knife, then paint it again. Remember to also paint background color again in the area you scrapped. :)


DO NOT use anything we did not send you in your kit. If you use, pens, markers, stickers, glue, glitter or Any other type of paint, We WILL NOT fire your item!   It can damage our Kiln, yours and other  items. 

When Finished...

PAINT your initials on the bottom of your item. 

Your initials help us identify which item is yours.


Let item complete dry


Place item in the bag it came in.  Don’t tie or seal bag.  Only 1 item per bag to keep colors from transferring to other items.


Bring your items back to the studio for Kiln Firing 

Check Studio Hours at

If you want curbside drop off, just pull up on the curb, give us a Good Honk to get our attention and we'll be right out.  Or come on in if ya want :)


We will kiln fire your items.  Firing can take  7-10 days.

Pottery items need fired for Glaze colors to become permanent.  When fired, colors will turn bright and surface will be glossy and permanent.  Items are then food safe :)  Free Firing is included.


We will text when items are ready for pick up :)  If you don’t hear from us, please call. We are human and can accidently text the number wrong.


Please don’t hesitate to give us a buzz or text if you have any questions 

even outside studio hours ~ We are here for you :)   638-6692


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